Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Trend for Protesting Teachers!?

By now I'm sure everyone has heard about teachers skipping out on their jobs to protest against legislation that is said to help save tax payer dollars and prevent lay offs in the state of Wisconsin. I don't have a problem with protesting, in fact i support differing opinions. But if you skip work, forcing schools to close, action must be taken. 

We've seen unions perform this kind of activity in 1981 when the air traffic controller union decided to go on strike, and they skipped work just like the the teachers who are protesting now. In times like these I think we should do what Ronald Reagan did to the air traffic controllers, FIRE them. Like most other states it's against the law for teachers to go on strike because their jobs are considered an essential service. Now I'm not saying fire them right now, give them a chance, but if they continue to break the law just fire them all and pull their pension and health care benefits. And if you noticed all the students at the protests, ask them how they like it when they're all in summer school, all summer long, because their teachers decided to pull this crap.

Now there is another reason why these teachers should get fired. That's for calling in sick so they can go protest. If someone else in the private sector like me, for example, pulled something like that I'd find myself out on my keister looking for another job. We also have to look at the example these teachers are setting for their students. If the teachers can get away with using fake sick notes, the students gonna think "hey why can't I do that? My teacher did it, so what are they gonna do about it." I can see that becoming a problem in the Wisconsin schools. Another way to look at this is that it's not fair to the schools, because they have to scramble to find replacements for all the teachers that decided to play hooky. And if the schools aren't able to find enough substitute teachers the school will have to close down forcing parents to take time off work to go get their kids and/ or put them in day care. 

Here's a quick message to you protesting teachers. I honestly don't care if you go protest for what you believe in, but do it on your OWN time! We're the ones paying your salary, and I'm sure most will agree with me when I say I'm not paying you to go protest, I'm paying you to give our kids an education so they can have a better future!!

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