Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wisconsin's Turmoil

Many Americans have heard about the teacher's union protesting in Wisconsin, because Gov. Walker is trying to fix the state's financial problems. And a good way of doing that is making the unions pay a little more for the benefits they receive. Just because of that, the unions have decided to throw a tantrum, that has gained natural attention. And if you unions think that this little stunt is gonna help you have another thing coming, because the your fellow citizens have had enough of your crap.

Time's are tough and they're tough for everybody. People are having a tough enough time with car and home payments, skyrocketing food and energy prices, many private sector jobs are gone, people are taking cuts in their pay, making sacrifices so they and their children can have a better future. And you guys are all marching in the streets in Wisconsin because you don't wanna contribute to your own pension and health care plans. Insteasd you think the citizens in Wisconsin should do for you.

Just so everyone knows what's going on in that state. The unions aren't losing their negotiation rights. They can still bargain for higher saleries, what the governer is saying is that we have to control pensions and health care, but that doesn't seem to be what they're interested in at all. Now most of the citizens are not related to any kind of union, but they have to carry a heavy tax burden these pensions and health benifets create. Now these aren't gold plated benefits, they're platinum plated. The benefits the unions get are not even available to most people who work in the private sector.

In my opinion the people who are footing the bill, so the union members can have 30-40 years of pension and health benefits after they they're finished working, should be able to say," Enough! We need you to contribute to your own money to your own pension and health care plans." I think that is completely reasonable considering that  those union members are only contributing about 5%-8% of their salaries. All this marching as if this is is Ciro is ridiculous. Now let me tell you a little secret Mark Levin shared. You are torquing of the off the American people like you wouldn't believe.

Times are tough, and you need to be apart of the those who are gonna have to give up what they wanted so they can get though these tough times.

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  1. Perhaps we should just print more money.
    oh wait...that doesn't work.
    You picked a hot topic!! It even came up in our bible study meeting on Saturday.
    Congrats on starting a blog. I have 3 and really enjoy it!